SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Upgrade Review

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Review and Bonus by Gaurab Borah – Best New 1st SMS Bot & Autoresponder Will Build Lists, Chat, Engage And Sell For You On Complete Autopilot

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah UPSELL by Gaurab Borah

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Upsell buy it now to save your money. It’s amazing how easy and simple it makes creating profit

Results Are NOT Typical, But…Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them. Not us, nah-ah. I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and our results are NOT typical. We cannot guarantee you will even get any results. HOWEVER, what we can guarantee is that we did our best to make SMSBOT so damn good so that you will have the biggest chance of getting results. And we sure as hell hope you will get BETTER results than we did. We want to help people therefore we want SERIOUS ACTION TAKERS. We want fighters that will fight until the will become rich. These are the type of people we will help. So with that being said, click the button below to purchase SMSBOT now. Today is YOUR Day, Take Advantage Of The Discounted Price NOW. “And Hey, I’ve Been Burnt By Products & Promises Before Too. Heck, I STILL Do Sometimes.” But If There’s One Thing I Learned, Is That It Takes Multiple Failures To Get Up And Achieve MASSIVE Success. You’ve seen the proof. You know the product works. There’s never been a better time to get into the Smartphone Revolution, with 95% of all people finally owning cell phones! This product may just be what will lift you up & create MASSIVE success for you. Don’t Delay, You KNOW An Opportunity Like This Doesn’t Come Very Often. Traffic Methods Come And Go… Subscribers Come And Go… But Smartphones Are Here To Stay.

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah is The World’s First SMS Autoresponder To Both Generate You LOADS Of Mobile Traffic AND Make You Autopilot Sales With INDUSTRY Leading Delivery And Response Rate Is Now UNLEASHED! It’s Like Having Your Own 24/7 Virtual Salesperson Who Never Complains, Gets Sick, Goes On Vacation, Asks For A Raise Or Leaves To Go Work For Someone Else! While Your Competitors Struggle To Figure Out Email Marketing, You Could Be First In Line To Get Text Messages Directly Into Your Buyers’ Sms Inbox, Where They Will Get Opened, Read & Acted On! SMSBOT Is The Only SMS Marketing “Copy-Paste” System That ANYONE Can Duplicate & Get 5-10x Better Results Than Any Other Form Of Marketing! With The Help Of Our Simple To Follow Method, You Can Create A Job Replacing Income Stream That Doesn’t Require Experience, A Big Budget Or A Lot Of Time. Sounds Hard? It’s Not! Each step is covered by an in-depth video training module. This gives you an over-the-shoulder view of exactly how the system runs & how to set it up for massive profits.

Do you want to find out how SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Review and Bonus by Gaurab Borah – Best New 1st SMS Bot & Autoresponder Will Build Lists, Chat, Engage And Sell For You On Complete Autopilot will skyrocket your income?

Download SMSBOT Gaurab Borah here :

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Review and Bonus by Gaurab Borah – Best New 1st SMS Bot & Autoresponder Will Build Lists, Chat, Engage And Sell For You On Complete Autopilot SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Review

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah review

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah

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SMSBOT Gaurab Borah OTO / Upsell :

The World’s First SMS Autoresponder To Both Generate You LOADS Of Mobile Traffic AND Make You Autopilot Sales With INDUSTRY Leading Delivery And Response Rate Is Now UNLEASHED!

Amazing features:

Amazing delivery rate and open rates, this is superior than email. bans from autoresponders… fresh untapped. Add one piece of code to your site and start building huge SMS lists and tap into mobile traffic. Then make crazy sales with an autoresponder that we have templates for. From now you can start getting better traffic and make autopilot money with insane delivery rates without going local or offline or paying for the traffic.

Upgrade 1 – SMSBOT PRO
Store 100,000 Mobile Contacts (10x MORE POWERFUL THAN FE)

Automated Phone System to 4x your profits. Create a IVR system with few clicks.

– Works World Wide
– Use Male/Female Voice
– Use Various Accents
– Custom Greetings
– Unlimited Extensions
– Unlimited Call Forwarding
– Multi Phone Call Forwarding
– Customize Calls

Showcase your 1 man company as a BIG corporation.

Allow visitors to call you directly from your website (no phone required)

Visitors will be able to come to your website and click , they will be directly connect to you. They will be able to communicate directly from your website without the need of a phone.

Unlimited Reseller Rights License so you can sell it to other online and offline marketers and make a bank.

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Features :

Unlimited Keywords
You can create unlimited keywords to ignite the bot to start responding. Keywords can be created based on Exact word or loosely keyword.

Enable Notification
Setup SMS notification, So you know if a person is requesting information from the bot. Helpful for ecom, marketers, high ticket offers and offline business like Realtors, Consultants & Marketers.

Create Bot Logic
Create Bot logic based on people’s response. You can have alternate responses/questions based on their response.

Capture Information
You can capture their Name, Email, Ph #, City, Zip, Age, Race, Income, Sex, Address & other Info. System can save these important data points on the system for you to export.

Take Over Conversation
You can take over the Bot response by responding to your leads directly from SMSBOT “Messaging” dashboard. You can communicate with the user Live and respond to their questions & close the deal

Send/Schedule Mass SMS
You can use this feature to send mass SMS or schedule a mass sms. This can be used to ignite a new bot conversation or to inform user of new offers/news.

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Benefits :

  • Sell on SMS on Autopilot Even When You Sleep.
  • Complete Set & Forget System
  • Read and Reply To Messages Without Your Phone (Right Inside SMSBot Dashboard)
  • Ability To Import Contacts From A CSV File
  • Send And Schedule Mass SMS To All Your Lists In 1 click
  • Easily Collect User’s Information Every Step Of The Way (email, location, age, etc.)
  • Build Beautiful & Engaging Conversations With Your Customers
  • Works with all Kind of Websites i.e: WordPress, Optimizepress, Instabuilder, Igloo,
  • Thrive Architect, Clickfunnel, Convertri & Others
  • Easy & Simple Instructions And Dashboard
  • 24 Hour Support Team In Dallas, TX
  • Enjoy A Whopping 95% Open Rate Within 3 Min of Texting
  • Unlimited Lead Capture SMS Bots
  • Unlimited Text Message Campaigns
  • Built-In Scheduling & Automatic Replies
  • Promote Special Offers, Coupons, Webinar Reminders, Affiliate Offers Anything You Like
  • Store Up To 10,000 Contact Numbers
  • 100% Legal & Ethical
  • BONUS: Copy Our Exact Blueprints
  • BONUS: Get Easy Free Traffic
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Live Webinar Training For Buyers – How To Maximise Your Profits With SMSBot
  • With Commercial License – Handle Clients SMS Marketing for 100% Autopilot Profits & Make $5000- $10,000 Every Week
  • No Monthly Fees – One Time Payment

“World’s 1st SMS Bot & Autoresponder That TAPS Into Mobile Traffic And Makes You Autopilot Sales!”

  • Build massive lists of laser-targeted buyers on autopilot
  • Upload existing lists and put them through robust SMS campaigns
  • Create intelligent bots that carry on conversations with people even while you sleep
  • SMSBot will collect users’ information every step of the way (email, location, age, etc.)
  • You can manually take over conversations that your bot initiates, so you’re always in control
  • Export function lets you transfer your leads into any other software you like
  • Included – Training, money making Blueprints and Exclusive Bonuses

Here’s How Easy It Is To Create A Automated Selling System With SMS Bot In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1 : Directly Upload Or Build Your Mobile SMS List From Scratch

Upload a CSV file of your existing buyers or followers directly and start sending them SMS messages directly. You can just ask for their contact number in person (like in an networking event or any place) and add them manually to SMSBot.

Create a mobile lead capture widget inside SMSBot and put it anywhere on your website.

  • Takes 2 minutes to create your widget
  • Copy 1 line of code and paste it anywhere that accepts HTML.
  • Works with all popular page builders WordPress, OP2, Instabuilder, Profit Builder, Igloo, Clickfunnels, Convertr, xFunnels

Every time someone texts you, they are added to your SMS list. This is very powerful when used correctly. These are the people highly interested in your service and convert to buyers easily.

  • Add your number on your website, blogs, emails, business cards, where ever you can think of.
  • E.g. For online marketers – Giveaway a Free software and ask them to SMS you to receive the key.
  • E.g For offline marketers – Ask them to SMS to receive a special discount or Coupon code for your physical product.

Step 2 : Follow Up With Your Subscribers And Nurture Them In 3 Different Ways

Send them a Automatic message as they sign up or message you. Create your logic bot and build intelligent conversation that sells for you even when you are asleep. They talk to your prospect like a human do and close the sales for you.

You can take over the Bot response by responding to your leads directly from SMSBot “Messaging” dashboard. You can communicate with the user Live and respond to their questions & close the deal right inside our dashboard without using your mobile.

You can use this feature to send mass SMS or schedule a mass sms. This can be used to ignite a new bot conversation or to inform user of new offers/news.

Step 3 : Sit And See The Sales Rolling In. Enjoy. Rinse & Repeat.

Build a business that you control 100%. No Monthly Fees, No Bans, More Control, 10X Open Rates Than Email. Widely Used Than FB Messenger and or any other Social media platform.

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Modules :

MODULE #1 – One-Time-Setup
Getting up and running takes 90 seconds. All you need is to register, sign in & follow the instructions to start receiving and sending text messages inside SMSBot.

MODULE #2 – Create Your LOGIC Bot
Just like you would set up an autoresponder, or a social media bot… You would do the same for your SMS bot logic. When people opt in, you’ll be able to collect additional information (location, email, age, etc.)

MODULE #3 – Copy-Paste The Mobile Widget
Once your bot is set up, you’re ready to start capturing leads! Just copy and paste our snippet and you’ll be live. Publish to your website or blog, or direct-link to it from emails, social media or PPC.

MODULE #4 – Simple Traffic
There are 2 ways to opt in. People can either text a KEYWORD to your phone number (which you will have already set up), or they can enter their number inside a form that will trigger a text message confirmation. You can try it now by texting “TRY” to 555-555-5555 and see how it works! Or, click here to opt-in via web form and receive the same experience.

MODULE #5 – Scaling Your Campaigns
Once your traffic has generated an ROI, we’ll show you how to scale your campaign & maximize your ROI.

MODULE #6 – The Free Traffic Hack
No money for traffic? There is a solution for that. You can start capturing hundreds of mobile numbers with no money down!

MODULE #7 – Maximize Profits With Intelligent Retargeting
After you’ve scaled your campaigns, there is one more thing you can do to boost your profits: add retargeting! This works like gangbusters with landing pages that ask for a phone number.

How SMSBot Will Automate Crucial Task In Your Business With Ease While You Sit, Relax & Enjoy.

  • Sales On Autopilot
  • Build Highly Targeted Mobile List
  • 10x Your Results By Combining It With Your Email & PPC Campaigns
  • Enjoy A Whopping 95% Open Rate Within 3 Min of Texting
  • Build Beautiful & Engaging Conversations With Your Customers
  • Built-In Scheduling & Automatic Replies, Add Unlimited Keywords
  • Easily Collect User’s Information Every Step Of The Way (email, location, age, etc.)
  • Enable Notifications When Someone Replies
  • Export Your Lists To Any Software You Like In 1 Click
  • Works With All Kind Of Websites

The Following Businesses Can Expect To See An Immediate Impact On Sales With The Automated SMSBOT:

Online Marketing
Use SMSBot just as you would use an email autoresponder.

Offline Marketing
Use SMSBot to maintain ongoing conversations with prospects & buyers

Consulting & Coaching
Use SMSBot to be truly consultative by making sure your clients get reminders & make it on time to their meetings

Ecom Stores
Use SMSBot to instantly generate sales upon release of new products

Retail Stores
Use SMSBot to create your own Rewards program and retain shoppers

Use SMSBot to send out chef’s specials, limited-time coupons & promos

Use SMSBot to capture patron information in exchange for the Wi-Fi password

Bar & Clubs
Use SMSBot to host raffles, announce Karaoke nights, special guests and more

Independent Artists
Use SMSBot to announce new drops/releases & crowdfunding campaigns

Nonprofit Organizations
Use SMSBot to solicit donors

Bloggers & YouTubers
Use SMSBot to stay in touch with your readers

Social Media Celebs
Use SMSBot to connect with fans without revealing your real phone

Use SMSBot to send patient reminders about upcoming visits and bills due

Use SMSBot to answer website visitors’ questions and ultimately find new clients

Use SMSBot to generate hot appointments

As you can see, with a little creativity, just about everyone can tap into the power of automated SMS marketing. With ‘texting’ now being an acceptable means of doing business…Your options are endless!

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Bonuses :

Get 25 proven blueprints that elicit guaranteed 90%+ engagement. Just copy-paste our templates into SMSBot and your leads will do the rest of the work for you (i.e., answer all the questions you need to be able to sell them whatever offer you have available).

After this launch, standard edition of SMSBot will allow you to store up to 1,000 numbers only. If you want more, then you will have to upgrade. But during this launch, we are going 10x. Right now, you will get the ability to store up to 10,000 numbers for the price of 1,000!

LIVE TRAINING webinar with the creators of SMSBOT. He will walk you through how the app works, show you best practices & troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing during a real-time Q&A session.

Handle Clients Campaign right inside your SMSBot dashboard With No Limitations. It takes few minutes to setup campaign of sales, support, lead generation etc. Charge them $100 or $500 per month or any amount you want.

How SMSBot Will Help You To Skyrocket Your Traffic & Sales In Email Marketing, PPC And Other Traditional Marketing?

In Email Marketing
The current email open rates are 10% and less, but SMS open rates are well above 90%. Simply send people to your mobile opt-in form, then ask for their email or ask them to text you to get a discount or gift and convert most of your email list to mobile list as well. Convert your email list to mobile list.

In PPC or Any Advertising
Instead of sending people directly to your optin page, get them to your mobile list and then ask them for their email or vice-versa. Grow both your list, revenue and maximise your profits from every PPC campaign you run either it’s FB, Bing, Adword or any other campaigns.

In Lead Generation
You will collect REAL targeted mobile leads from your website using our SMSBot widget or by asking them to text you.

  • 3 years ago, people would not take kindly to business messages in their SMS inbox…
  • 2 years ago, social media bots became all the hype & people began warming up to texting for business…
  • 1 year ago, people finally got used to “loyalty programs” and reminders from their doctors office, Amazon deliveries, bank deposit notifications…

And finally today, the floodgates of B2C marketing are wide open!

I Want You To Understand WHY You Need This And WHY It Can Change Your Life.

  • Anyone can do this and get fantastic results because there is NO COMPETITION doing this
  • Texting is an easy way to make money if you know what you’re doing, and highly targeted, risk free paid traffic is the way to do so.
  • Get started with a budget of only $5 and you’re set or even try out free traffic alternatives
  • No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible
  • Unlimited potential, some people are making mid six figures with it on the SIDE…No kidding!
  • Very scalable and easily scalable and invest more only after you earn.

You’re Covered By Our 200% Refund Policy.

Whether it’s our top notch support, whether it’s the product itself or the delivery of the product. We CANNOT guarantee results, we CANNOT guarantee anything will happen. We can just share our own results and how it absolutely changed our businesses & our lives. However, we CAN guarantee that we did our BEST to make this software as effective as possible. That being said, if you apply what you get inside SMSBot, set up your software & go through our training in the first 30 days and it does not work for you, our support team will do its best to communicate with you. If all fails, we will give you 200% your money back.

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah : Frequently Asked Questions

How is This Different from Other SMS Softwares?
All the other SMS softwares programs could ONLY message to a list of mobile numbers that you upload. Only SMSBot allows you to create logic bots, engage with your customer, broadcast and schedule messages and tons of other features NEVER heard off before with SMS – it’s 1st of it’s kind.

Will This Work on my Mac/Windows?
Yes! SMSBot is a fully cloud-based solution and will work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Is Training Included?
Absolutely – a complete video knowledge base is included to walk you through every step of setting up and operating the software.

Does this work with other Page Builders?
Absolutely Yes – All you need to do is copy our mobile widget and paste it any of your website that supports HTML – almost every page builder out there like Optimisepress, Instabuilder, Clickfunnels, Igloo, xFunnels etc.

Is It a One-Time Payment?
Yes, you can get in for a One-Time-Payment plan till 18th Oct midnight, after that we’ll turn this into a monthly recurring software.

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah OTO Upsell Upgrade

Front End – SMSBOT Gaurab Borah
OTO 1 – SMSBOT Pro Gaurab Borah Upgrade Upsell
OTO 2 – SMSBOT Reseller Right License Gaurab Borah Upgrade Upsell

forget about wasted time end payment high price, SMSBOT Gaurab Borah is one of the most comprehensive research tool I have used. SMSBOT Gaurab Borah is something I’ve been waiting for, I had seen these kinds on many sites before but didn’t now of any tool that could create like SMSBOT Gaurab Borah. My advice don’t wait around, jump in! SMSBOT Gaurab Borah will pay for itself as soon as you start using it.

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah Review

SMSBOT Gaurab Borah is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). SMSBOT Gaurab Borah comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. is good news for online bussiness. SMSBOT Gaurab Borah UPSELL

Get Now SMSBOT Gaurab Borah :

download SMSBOT Gaurab Borah

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